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5 start-ups from Vizag’s Sunrise Smart Village launch their products!

Start-up culture in Andhra Pradesh received a major boost after 5 start-ups incubated at the Sunrise Startup Village at Rushikonda launched their products amidst cheer from the industry.

“The launching of commercial operations after successfully encouraging them to translate their innovative ideas into business ventures is a red letter day in promoting startup culture in the State,” said Startup Village Centre Head Siddharth Ram.

The startups, which forayed into commercial operations include Red and Black (gaming startup specialising in 3D game), Quick Pebbles (house repairs through mobile app), Epic Soft (product developed on B2B platform to connect sales manager and executives by assigning tasks), Unihalt (biometric and technology-based product to help parents to have safety check on children and attendance management system) and Melon Studios (‘page for promotion’ – a digital marketing tool).

What’s more, Quick Pebbles, which offers electricians, plumbers and others through an online app, has already received angel funding of Rs.20 lakh while others aim to take funding at a later time.

CBN's Government had earlier signed an MoU with MobMe Wireless Ltd of Kochi Startup Village fame in September last to incubate startups and organise bootcamps in educational institutions to promote entrepreneurship among youngsters. At present, 70 units are at various stages of incubation at the village. Nearly 500 applicants have been waitlisted.

A Look At IBM GEP SmartCamp’s Vizag Finalists [Enterprise Startups] - nextbigwhat.com

SmartCamp, a startup platform that features B2B startups from over 9 cities in India has announced three finalists from Vizag.

SmartCamps’ Bangalore regional round will be held on November 6th with the last date of application being November 2nd.

The Agenda and the assigned Judges are provided in the link below:

Following are the three chosen finalists from Vizag:

Unihalt Services:
Robust tools provided by our developers to make parent’s and teacher’s experience with Unihalt effortless. We prioritize on dynamic tools which would cut back on the strenuous activity of managing children. By analyzing the needs we have created platforms capable and competent enough to make parents and teachers feel confident about using our services. For Institutes: Unihalt brings security innovations on the table. Here at unihalt we help you take your institution one step closer towards better security and make your institution more impregnable and safe. We provide both software and hardware on which you can trust depend totally. For Tutors: Teachers can ask parents to have a close watch on their kids performance, so that they can keep tabs on child’s day by day growth and help in areas which he/she is facing trouble to compete. The option for video calling makes it easy for the busy working parent to be in touch with the teachers. For Parents: Now parent’s and child’s lives are brought even closer with unihalt. Unihalt gives you a quality experience which saves your everyday chore of “double checking whether your son or daughter has reached the institute safely or not”.

Siddha Development Research

STECH ID Solutions

Three startups in city to get IBM support - The Hindu

Three startups from the city -- Siddha Development Research and Consultancy Pvt Limited, Unihalt Services and STECH ID Solutions Pvt. Ltd – have been picked up under IBM Global Entrepreneur Program (IBM GEP) for venture capital and other support.

The selection has been made at the second edition of B2B Startup Challenge called by IBM GEP SmartCamp India headed by Radhesh Kanumury, Country Lead, GEP, IBM India Pvt. Ltd. Last year 30 B2B startups were selected pan India and got them to be pitched before venture capital, IBM Execs. They also showcased their application to IBM Sales.

IBM GEP SmartCamps are being conducted in all the leading IT hubs of the country. The events at Banguluru, Delhi and Mumbai will be clubbed with the regional finals. The winners in the city round will get award certificates, an opportunity to present before eminent people in the startup space to get suggestions and feedback, coverage in online magazines and a chance to be considered for the regional finals.

The regional finals will be followed by a grand finale. The camp in Vizag was conducted at the Sunrise Startup Village in the presence of Managing Director and CEO of Phoenix IT Solutions Murali Krishna Gannamani, Program Director of IBM Vizag Labs Srikrishnan Soundarajan and Visakhapatnam IT and ITes Association president Ravi Eswarapu.

Meet The Winners Of IBM SmartCamp 2015 Vizag Edition - inc42

Winding up its fifth destination, IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) has announced the winners for its SmartCamp Vizag edition.

The startups were judged by Murali Krishna Gannamani, MD & CEO of Phoenix IT Solutions, Krishnan Sundararajan, Program Director & Lab Leader of IBM Vizag Development Lab and Ravi Eswarapu, Director & VP – Operations at Pena4 Tech Solutions.

Here are the three startups that made it to the IBM SmartCamp 2015 Vizag edition:

SDRC offers insightful and innovative solutions to stakeholders leveraging information systems that provide reliable and timely access to data. It is a mobile application based on the widely adopted Open Data Kit (ODK) platform that offers DataBridge as a solution to link data chain including data collection, collation and dissemination.

Unihalt Services:
The company provides API based mobile solution for providing a two way communication between teachers and parents to send personalised notifications to parents. Unihalt also integrates with Biometrics to give notifications to the parents on arrival of the student in their campus.

Stech Id solution has a framework which interfaces with different sensors using technologies of RFID, NFC, Biometric, GPS and RTLS to identify assets and people. It has build industry specific solutions using this framework for Manufacturing, Education institutes, Ports and Healthcare.

IBM SmartCamp 2015 is a startup challenge in which startups pitch to IBM executives, VCs and government executives. The Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) was launched last year by IBM, with an aim to provide comprehensive and strong network resources to drive collaborative cloud innovation for startups.

This time GEP is being hosted at nine different startup hotspots (cities) including Kochi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, started from September 8, 2015.

Out of nine hotspots, IBM has already selected startups from five centers viz. Kochi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Vizag being the fifth.

After getting selected from all the nine cities, the startups will compete in regional finals that will be held in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

The event will culminate with a final showdown wherein top six startups will pitch to eminent VCs (e.g. Nexus Ventures, Intel Ventures, Seedfund, Reservoir Ventures and Ravi Gururaj) in Bangalore.

IBM SmartCamp Vizag Winners - Financial Prospect

IBM Smart Camp Vizag Winners

Winding up its fifth destination, IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) has announced the winners for its SmartCamp Vizag edition.

The startups were judged by Murali Krishna Gannamani, MD of Phoenix IT Solutions, Krishnan Sundararajan, Plan Director & Research Head of IBM Vizag Progress Lab and Ravi Director, Eswarapu & VP – Procedures at Pena4 Tech Solutions.

IBM SmartCamp 2015 is actually a startup problem in which startups message to VCs, IBM executives and government executives. The Global Entrepreneur Plan (GEP) was launched a year ago by IBM, with an try to give thorough and strong community resources to generate collaborative cloud invention for startups.

Now GEP will be located at seven different startup locations (towns) including Kochi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, started from September 8, 2015.

Out of seven locations, startups have been already picked by IBM from five centers viz. Kochi Chennai, Pune and Vizag.

The start-ups may compete in regional finals that’ll be kept in Delhi Mumbai and Bangalore after receiving picked from all of the eight cities.

The big event may culminate having a final showdown when six startups that are top can pitch to prestigious VCs (e.g. Nexus Efforts, Intel Ventures, Seedfund, Tank Efforts and Ravi Gururaj) in Bangalore.

Can’t sleep till daughter gets home: CM Arvind Kejriwal - Indian Express

The priority is to ensure that when a girl steps out of her home, she is not harassed, Kejriwal said.

“Though I am the CM, I worry. If I am so concerned, I can understand the feeling of a common person in Delhi,” Kejriwal said at a consultation on the Charter of Women’s Rights Bill, 2015.

Highlighting his government’s absence of control over Delhi Police, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Saturday invited suggestions on giving more teeth to Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), while sharing his own worries as the father of a young girl in the city.
“My daughter studies at IIT-Delhi and sometimes takes the Metro home even at 11pm. Until she gets back home, our hearts beat faster. Nobody can sleep until she is home. The Metro station is about 2 km from our home. We send a car to bring her back. Though I am the CM, I worry. If I am so concerned, I can understand the feeling of a common person in Delhi,” he said at a consultation on the Charter of Women’s Rights Bill, 2015.

“The problem in Delhi is that there is no democratic control over the police. The police is under the central government, which means practically no control. They don’t listen to anyone. I had a long discussion with Swati (Swati Maliwal, chairperson of DCW) and she identified 21 grave cases of crime in which an FIR ought be registered immediately. The police say, ‘We won’t file FIR, do what you like’,” he said at the meet organised by the Delhi Dialogue Commission (DDC).
He said they sought opinion from lawyers and were told the DCW could approach a magistrate to order investigation in cases under Section 156 (3) of the Criminal Procedure Code.
“How many 156 (3) cases will the DCW file? The police will thrust 200-250 cases on them and the DCW will spend its life filing cases under 156 (3). I would therefor urge all of you to figure out what powers the DCW should be given. We will do it immediately. Whatever you suggest, we will bring a bill in the next session. We need practical, legal and implementable ideas,” Kejriwal added.
He said if it was for the DCW to ensure that the rights deliberated in the charter of women’s rights bill are available, it would have to be strengthened.
The priority is to ensure that when a girl steps out of her home, she is not harassed, Kejriwal said. It is important to make women and their families feel safe when they are out on the streets of Delhi, he added.
Delhi is set to become the first state to implement the recommendations of the Justice J S Verma Committee, constituted after the December 2012 gangrape in the national capital.
The Charter of the Women’s Rights Bill, 2015, that the DDC placed in the public domain on August 5, also made Delhi the first state to take a policy decision that specifies equality before the law for every woman “irrespective of sexual orientation”.
Others present at the event included Justice Leila Seth, Supreme Court lawyers Vrinda Grover, Aparna Bhat and Karuna Nandy, Amod Kanth of NGO Prayas and Prof Mrinal Satish of National Law University.

Visakhapatnam's first startup gets going - Deccan Chronicle

Two years ago (or so) we started out on a mission to ensure student safety. We are glad that we have stuck the course so far.
Mentioned in an article in today's Deccan Chronicle!

Visakhapatnam: Living up to its promises, Technology Research and Innovation Park (TRIP) - startup village at Vizag— has successfully incubated its first startup.

‘Unihalt’— the first financially sustainable product mentored by SV— aims to bridge the gap among student, parent and institution and takes care of attendance and security of students.

The product informs parents about in & out timings of the students via mobile app, sms, and also provides other facilities, says SV Chief Operating Officer (COO) Gautham.

The business which hit the ground in 2013, has so far generated revenue of Rs 40 lakh and is also on the verge of grabbing an angel funding of Rs 2 crore, said COO.

Raja Teja Konathala, the CEO and dreamer of the project said “We provide bio-metric devices to institutes free of cost and register every student onto the system. Our service is integrated with SMS and mobile app which any parent, who would like to use our service, can opt for it. Every parent availing the service will receive SMS/ notifications with regards to student in/out time instantly.”

“This device would help the institutes to manage attendance electronically, saving a lot of paper and time, and parents can be at peace knowing the whereabouts of their children. Schools in Vizag can avail this service free of cost for first academic year. Later, we will charge a very nominal fee from parents who are interested to take our service via APPs,” informed the dreamer of the system, adding that his team is also building parent teacher communication/feedback platform. The government has initiated bio-metric process in attendance from schools to offices, so there is a huge scope from installation and maintenance of the bio-metric instruments.  This showed a convincing revenue stream and potential for the product to evolve,” said Gautham.

“We helped Unihalt in developing its revenue model and building technical product like mobile applications. We also helped them by connecting to investors and mentors from India and abroad,” the COO added.

TOP 10 Startups in VIZAG – StartupUnfold

The long haul is over and the youth of Vizag has taken the bold steps to take the future into their own hands and redesign it.

Despite Vizag having all the potential to compete with global players, the wings never took off and now the time has come to change it for better.

The launch of startup accelerator/incubator Startup Village has given enough ray of hope to experiment with the ideas, giving birth to potential billion dollar businesses.

We have compiled a list of Startups based out of Vizag who are going to give a head-on competition for the big guns in the industry.

Watch out for our choice of TOP 10 startups in Vizag!