Introducing New Advisory Board Member - Mr Danfeng Li

We're proud to announce Mr Danfeng Li as one of our Advisory Board Members. 
Mr Danfeng Li is Chief Data Officer at Umeng+ and Director at Alibaba Group. 

His expertise in the field of data science, data analytics, machine learning and data mining will help Unihalt during the journey.

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5 start-ups from Vizag’s Sunrise Smart Village launch their products!

Start-up culture in Andhra Pradesh received a major boost after 5 start-ups incubated at the Sunrise Startup Village at Rushikonda launched their products amidst cheer from the industry.

“The launching of commercial operations after successfully encouraging them to translate their innovative ideas into business ventures is a red letter day in promoting startup culture in the State,” said Startup Village Centre Head Siddharth Ram.

The startups, which forayed into commercial operations include Red and Black (gaming startup specialising in 3D game), Quick Pebbles (house repairs through mobile app), Epic Soft (product developed on B2B platform to connect sales manager and executives by assigning tasks), Unihalt (biometric and technology-based product to help parents to have safety check on children and attendance management system) and Melon Studios (‘page for promotion’ – a digital marketing tool).

What’s more, Quick Pebbles, which offers electricians, plumbers and others through an online app, has already received angel funding of Rs.20 lakh while others aim to take funding at a later time.

CBN's Government had earlier signed an MoU with MobMe Wireless Ltd of Kochi Startup Village fame in September last to incubate startups and organise bootcamps in educational institutions to promote entrepreneurship among youngsters. At present, 70 units are at various stages of incubation at the village. Nearly 500 applicants have been waitlisted.

Visakhapatnam's first startup gets going - Deccan Chronicle

Two years ago (or so) we started out on a mission to ensure student safety. We are glad that we have stuck the course so far.
Mentioned in an article in today's Deccan Chronicle!

Visakhapatnam: Living up to its promises, Technology Research and Innovation Park (TRIP) - startup village at Vizag— has successfully incubated its first startup.

‘Unihalt’— the first financially sustainable product mentored by SV— aims to bridge the gap among student, parent and institution and takes care of attendance and security of students.

The product informs parents about in & out timings of the students via mobile app, sms, and also provides other facilities, says SV Chief Operating Officer (COO) Gautham.

The business which hit the ground in 2013, has so far generated revenue of Rs 40 lakh and is also on the verge of grabbing an angel funding of Rs 2 crore, said COO.

Raja Teja Konathala, the CEO and dreamer of the project said “We provide bio-metric devices to institutes free of cost and register every student onto the system. Our service is integrated with SMS and mobile app which any parent, who would like to use our service, can opt for it. Every parent availing the service will receive SMS/ notifications with regards to student in/out time instantly.”

“This device would help the institutes to manage attendance electronically, saving a lot of paper and time, and parents can be at peace knowing the whereabouts of their children. Schools in Vizag can avail this service free of cost for first academic year. Later, we will charge a very nominal fee from parents who are interested to take our service via APPs,” informed the dreamer of the system, adding that his team is also building parent teacher communication/feedback platform. The government has initiated bio-metric process in attendance from schools to offices, so there is a huge scope from installation and maintenance of the bio-metric instruments.  This showed a convincing revenue stream and potential for the product to evolve,” said Gautham.

“We helped Unihalt in developing its revenue model and building technical product like mobile applications. We also helped them by connecting to investors and mentors from India and abroad,” the COO added.

TOP 10 Startups in VIZAG – StartupUnfold

The long haul is over and the youth of Vizag has taken the bold steps to take the future into their own hands and redesign it.

Despite Vizag having all the potential to compete with global players, the wings never took off and now the time has come to change it for better.

The launch of startup accelerator/incubator Startup Village has given enough ray of hope to experiment with the ideas, giving birth to potential billion dollar businesses.

We have compiled a list of Startups based out of Vizag who are going to give a head-on competition for the big guns in the industry.

Watch out for our choice of TOP 10 startups in Vizag!