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India is big. India is diverse. India is also clustered. And this clustering is spilling over into the software product industry as well. In the past few years, not only have we seen a large number of B2B SaaS product companies emerge, but also gain solid customer momentum. And still, because they’re B2B, enterprise startups are often not the companies you hear about. After all, they’re not in the business of creating shiny apps that people use every day. Enterprise startups are the ones that build the right products to help companies create value for their customers, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs. And these are the startups that very often earn a steady stream of revenue.

As part of IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) and its ongoing commitment to foster innovation among entrepreneurs, IBM GEP launched SmartCamp, a competition for B2B startups in India in 2014. It was exciting to see startups battling it out for the top spot at the regional finals held in Bengaluru recently. The enthusiasm and excitement was nothing short of contagious! Parablu, Whatfix and Flutura has emerged as the winners for the Bangalore Regional Round. They will be pitching in the Grand Finale.

Meet the IBM SmartCamp Visakhapatnam Finalists:
Unihalt Services provides API-based mobile solutions for two-way communication between teachers and parents. The solution can fit into existing school management systems.

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SmartCamp, a startup platform that features B2B startups from over 9 cities in India has announced three finalists from Vizag.

SmartCamps’ Bangalore regional round will be held on November 6th with the last date of application being November 2nd.

The Agenda and the assigned Judges are provided in the link below:

Following are the three chosen finalists from Vizag:

Unihalt Services:
Robust tools provided by our developers to make parent’s and teacher’s experience with Unihalt effortless. We prioritize on dynamic tools which would cut back on the strenuous activity of managing children. By analyzing the needs we have created platforms capable and competent enough to make parents and teachers feel confident about using our services. For Institutes: Unihalt brings security innovations on the table. Here at unihalt we help you take your institution one step closer towards better security and make your institution more impregnable and safe. We provide both software and hardware on which you can trust depend totally. For Tutors: Teachers can ask parents to have a close watch on their kids performance, so that they can keep tabs on child’s day by day growth and help in areas which he/she is facing trouble to compete. The option for video calling makes it easy for the busy working parent to be in touch with the teachers. For Parents: Now parent’s and child’s lives are brought even closer with unihalt. Unihalt gives you a quality experience which saves your everyday chore of “double checking whether your son or daughter has reached the institute safely or not”.

Siddha Development Research

STECH ID Solutions

Meet The Winners Of IBM SmartCamp 2015 Vizag Edition - inc42

Winding up its fifth destination, IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) has announced the winners for its SmartCamp Vizag edition.

The startups were judged by Murali Krishna Gannamani, MD & CEO of Phoenix IT Solutions, Krishnan Sundararajan, Program Director & Lab Leader of IBM Vizag Development Lab and Ravi Eswarapu, Director & VP – Operations at Pena4 Tech Solutions.

Here are the three startups that made it to the IBM SmartCamp 2015 Vizag edition:

SDRC offers insightful and innovative solutions to stakeholders leveraging information systems that provide reliable and timely access to data. It is a mobile application based on the widely adopted Open Data Kit (ODK) platform that offers DataBridge as a solution to link data chain including data collection, collation and dissemination.

Unihalt Services:
The company provides API based mobile solution for providing a two way communication between teachers and parents to send personalised notifications to parents. Unihalt also integrates with Biometrics to give notifications to the parents on arrival of the student in their campus.

Stech Id solution has a framework which interfaces with different sensors using technologies of RFID, NFC, Biometric, GPS and RTLS to identify assets and people. It has build industry specific solutions using this framework for Manufacturing, Education institutes, Ports and Healthcare.

IBM SmartCamp 2015 is a startup challenge in which startups pitch to IBM executives, VCs and government executives. The Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) was launched last year by IBM, with an aim to provide comprehensive and strong network resources to drive collaborative cloud innovation for startups.

This time GEP is being hosted at nine different startup hotspots (cities) including Kochi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, started from September 8, 2015.

Out of nine hotspots, IBM has already selected startups from five centers viz. Kochi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Vizag being the fifth.

After getting selected from all the nine cities, the startups will compete in regional finals that will be held in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

The event will culminate with a final showdown wherein top six startups will pitch to eminent VCs (e.g. Nexus Ventures, Intel Ventures, Seedfund, Reservoir Ventures and Ravi Gururaj) in Bangalore.

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IBM Smart Camp Vizag Winners

Winding up its fifth destination, IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) has announced the winners for its SmartCamp Vizag edition.

The startups were judged by Murali Krishna Gannamani, MD of Phoenix IT Solutions, Krishnan Sundararajan, Plan Director & Research Head of IBM Vizag Progress Lab and Ravi Director, Eswarapu & VP – Procedures at Pena4 Tech Solutions.

IBM SmartCamp 2015 is actually a startup problem in which startups message to VCs, IBM executives and government executives. The Global Entrepreneur Plan (GEP) was launched a year ago by IBM, with an try to give thorough and strong community resources to generate collaborative cloud invention for startups.

Now GEP will be located at seven different startup locations (towns) including Kochi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, started from September 8, 2015.

Out of seven locations, startups have been already picked by IBM from five centers viz. Kochi Chennai, Pune and Vizag.

The start-ups may compete in regional finals that’ll be kept in Delhi Mumbai and Bangalore after receiving picked from all of the eight cities.

The big event may culminate having a final showdown when six startups that are top can pitch to prestigious VCs (e.g. Nexus Efforts, Intel Ventures, Seedfund, Tank Efforts and Ravi Gururaj) in Bangalore.